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Our big sale is ON—and full of incredible deals on fantastic finds. With prices as low as $8.33 a bottle (and savings up to $124) it’s the perfect time to restock your wine rack. Happy hunting!

on refreshing, world-class whites

30% OFF
fifteen bold,blockbuster reds

plus Mystery Cases and much more

white wine on sale

Crisp Whites SALE Fifteen

Positively lip-smacking—especially at 30% off. This thirst-quenching case brings you gold-medal Italian Pinot Grigio, fine Loire Valley Sauvignon Blanc and more.

15 bottles only $159.85 – Just $10.66 each

Save over $70
red wine on sale

Rich Red Faves SALE Fifteen

These flavor-packed reds are among our Top 10 most popular wines—and together, boast 29,929 Favorite clicks. You’ll crack open the #1 wine in our cellar (The Black Stump), plus Angelo Maci’s legendary Italian gem (Pillastro Primitivo), Opi Sadler’s signature Argentine Malbec, multi-gold medal Aluado and glory-vintage California Cab. Go bold!

15 bottles only $159.85 – Just $10.66 each

Take 30% off

... or enjoy the best of both! The reds-whites SALE case is available at the same great price—just $10.66 a bottle

good French wine cheap

Acclaimed French Reds SALE

An absolute steal at over 35% off. Sip a Bordeaux Supérieur from the historic 2016 vintage, the luxury version of bestselling Cabalié and a limited edition made by Châteauneuf star Thierry Ferlay—all with gold medals. Plus, you’ll taste a 95-point Côtes-du-Rhône that Decanter calls “an exuberant red that’s both juicy and seductive.” What a smart buy.

12 bottles only $149.88 – Just $12.49 each

Save over $80
California red wines 2020

Sonoma Luxury—Last Call!

Final chance to taste this beautifully rich, commemorative release from Sonoma’s Lyeth Estate (a pioneer in the art of blending since 1981). When it’s gone, it’s gone.

12 bottles only $195.88 – Save $80

Only 100 cases left
good Italian wines under $20

Premium Italian Reds SALE

Treat yourself to this sumptuous Italian collection, which includes three 90+ point exclusives, Angelo Maci’s Pillastro ‘Gold Selection’ and a fine Chianti Superiore by the world-famous Alberto Antonini. All at over 20% off. For the best deal, add a trio of 99-point Vecciano at 58% off—and take your total savings up to $124.

12 bottles only $189.88 – Over 20% off

Save $54 on the dozen
 highly rated Italian red wine

58% Off 99-Point Legend

The Barbaneras’ acclaimed Super Tuscan, Vecciano, is an “absolute masterpiece.” Normally $39.99, it’s just $16.66 a bottle when added to the Italian SALE dozen.

15 bottles only $239.85 – Best deal

Save $124 in total
mystery wine

Why such a good deal? That’s no mystery…

Time to make room for new fall arrivals! We’ve gathered wines in quantities too small to make it into regular sale collections—and packed them at random into Mystery Cases at very low prices—as little as $8.33 a bottle. You never know what you could get (that’s part of the thrill), but you’re guaranteed a fantastic variety of wines and remarkable savings. Each case is worth at least $180, but you’re paying far less. Join the fun!

Order with any other 12 bottles – ONLY $99.88 (also available on their own for $129.88)

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 summer rose sale

Summer’s Most Stylish Sipping

Rosé is the wine of summer, and these are the bottles to have on hand. They’re coming to you fresh from the 2019 vintage and some of the world’s top regions—Provence, Tuscany, Australia and beyond. And for a sweet treat, why not add on the NEW pink Port? It’s delish in cocktails, and you’ll find a special recipe hanging from a tag on the bottle.

12 bottles only $139.88 – Just $11.66 each

SAVE over 25%
rose port

NEW Pink Port!

Pink Port is essential sipping in the trendy riverside bars of Porto. For your taste, we went to the famed Van Zeller family, who have made quality Port since 1715.

1 bottle only $24.99 – Be one of the first to try it

only 300 bottles
new Pinot Noir wines

Buongiorno, Pino Pino!

Italy is famous for Pinot Grigio, but it also produces fabulous (and rare) examples of Pinot Noir. This silky arrival has it all: layers of irresistible red berry and spice.

12 bottles only $179.88 – Just $14.99 each

save $48
case of Pinot Noir wine

The Perfect Summer Red

Why do we love Pinot Noir (even more) this time of year? It has ripe, red-fruit flavors, it’s delicious lightly chilled and it pairs well with warm-weather staples like barbecued chicken or plank-grilled salmon. Let our top winemakers from France, California, Argentina, Chile and Italy be your guide to Pinot perfection. Oh—and save 25% along the way.

12 bottles only $167.88 – Just $13.99 each

California wine delivery

Top 4 NEW California Discoveries

The Golden State is home to some of America’s best wines, and this new collection really aims to please. It brings you our favorite new arrivals at over 25% off. The stars of your case include a barrel-aged Lodi Cabernet made by the Kapiniaris family and a top-secret exclusive from a famous estate that has won a multitude of 100-point scores from the legendary Robert Parker. Don’t miss out.

12 bottles only $169.88 – Just $14.16 each

SAVE $67
Bordeaux wine deals